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Our Fees

Being involved in a tenancy dispute is stressful enough as it is. Having to worry about the potential cost of hiring a lawyer only adds to that stress. That's why we strive to offer our clients fixed-fee (or flat-rate) retainer options that suit their needs and budget, as much as we possibly can. We also offer payment plans for our fees, if necessary.

Since every tenancy dispute has its own nuances, we need to first assess your case before suggesting you a fixed-fee arrangement. That's why our starting point is always to conduct an initial consultation with you, first. 

If the consultation solves your problem, fantastic! Should you require further legal advice and assistance, however, we would be happy to count part of your initial consultation fee toward any fixed-fee retainer that we agree on. Below are some of our fees.


Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to discuss the tenancy situation that has brought you to us. It gives us a chance to explore any potential solutions available to you and to assess whether you can execute those solutions on your own, or if you would prefer us to represent you, or anything in-between.

If you would like to book an initial consultation, you can either fill out our intake form here and we will get in touch to book an appointment with you, or you can select the type and duration of appointment yourself using one of the links below: 

$170 (excl. taxes) flat rate for 30-minutes (in-person / virtual / phone)

$325 (excl. taxes) flat rate for 1-hour (in-person / virtual / phone)

Ongoing Legal Advice

Not all clients require full representation and it is not uncommon for us to provide ongoing legal advice to both landlords and tenants in various tenancy situations. Our services are not limited to providing only legal advice either, and can include reviewing and drafting letters, tenancy notices, and court pleadings as required by our clients. 

To book ongoing legal advice, we first need to have an initial consultation with you.

$325 (excl. taxes) per hour

Property Managers & Developers

Our practice assists a number of developers and property management firms throughout the Province of British Columbia with residential tenancy disputes and we offer packages aimed specifically at clients owning or managing multiple units*. Get in touch here to find out how we can work together.

* please note that we do not provide property management services for rental properties

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